Sticker Review: Amber Morgan Designs

Stickers! As we’ve established, I love stickers. Sometimes it’s hard to find good stickers online because you can’t see and feel them in person, but I’ve gotten quite a few that I adore. If you love stickers and adorably cats then you’ll love Amber Morgan Designs on Etsy. All her art is original and painfully cute.

She had really wonderful communication for an Etsy, it was a pleasant surprise because I'm sure we have all had those bad experiences with lack of or poor communication when you're trying to buy something you love.

I got two different types of stickers from her. Paper stickers and a few vinyl stickers. Paper stickers are ideal for things like planners, scrapbooking, cards and letters, or indoor items that don’t get much wear. Vinyl stickers are better for laptops, indoor and outdoor uses as it’s more sturdy and durable. Now the stickers I put on my laptop are important to me, so the fact that I was able to use a few of hers was great.

She also has magnets, keychains, and more.

You can find Amber Morgan Designs here:




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