Felt Food: Sushi!


I’ve never had much success making real sushi, but I had loads of fun making the felt version. They’re so cute I just want to (eat.. I mean) look at them displayed nicely, or tucked into a bento. Just looking at them isn’t as fun as playing with them though. Of all the felt food I’ve made, these felt sushi got lost the quickest. I’d like to think that was because they were loved, but there were quite a few sushi food fights.

I visited several different sites for inspiration. I used a mix of patterns I found, along with some of my own ideas. Once you get a technique down, you can start remixing the fillings and toppings. I looked at many pictures of real sushi and the different kinds to put mine together.

I hand sewed all of mine, it was just easier for me. Given how little they are and how much detail you want to include, machine sewing works as well. Honestly you can sketch out a pattern yourself and use others as a guide to show you ways you can put them together. Make your sushi and fillings the way you want!

Don’t forget to get some chopsticks! Having pretend sushi is a good way for kids (and adults) to practice those chopstick skills for the next time you’re having the real thing.

To make your own, here is a list of some of the resources for patterns and ideas I used:




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