Sticker Review: VeryMadStickers

I’m a sticker addict. I put stickers on everything, I have boxes of stickers and anytime I can use a sticker, I will. Recently I got a new laptop, so obviously I needed some new stickers to go with it! So far I’ve bought quite a few, but I still have space! I’ve gotten a few that were not the best quality, but I did find some really awesome ones that I want to share. Here are some of my favorites from Very Mad Stickers, by Madison Wright on Etsy.

She has so many great stickers, most in a very cute cartoon style. I got a set of Studio Ghibli and Zelda stickers. Just to name a few, she also has Pokemon, Attack on Titan, Five Nights at Freddy’s, Chocobos, Kirby, Mario, and minecraft. As I’m writing this and looking at them, it’s incredibly hard to resist buying, so I highly recommend her stickers. They're not just cool designs, she actually makes them and cuts them out herself, I was very happy with the quality.

You can find her Etsy store here:

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