Felt Food: Fruits and Vegetables!

The summer is the perfect time to go outside and play. What do you do if it’s too hot to play outside? One option, take the outside in with pretend play! In this case felt food!

I started making felt food when I was preparing my Firefly cosplay, specifically strawberries. In a previous entry I posted links to websites where you can find patterns for felt food. You can find that entry here:

Felt Strawberries

In addition to making accessories for costumes, kids can use pretend food in many ways. Like setting up a grocery shop, pretending to be a farmer, having a pretend picnic or tea party, even having a pretend food fight. Using felt to make pretend food is a fun craft, many patterns and techniques are easy for kids to help with too.

I’d like to share those links again:

Apartment Therapy Felt Food tutorials

Lit'l Brown Bird's Passion - Felt Strawberries

I made quite a few creations from the patterns and tutorials above, along the way adding in some of my ideas and alterations as well. It was a lot of fun making them, but the best part is seeing the happy smiles as I hand them off to the.

The great thing about felt is that it's pretty sturdy, easy to sew, easily fixed, and soft. I hope to make more felt food in the future, to share with all of you! If you make any felt creations using these ideas, please share them with me! You can share via Facebook or Twitter.

My felt fruits and veggies:

Strawberries and strawberry plant.

I put velcro on a few strawberries and spots on the plant so you can 'pick' the strawberries.

I made apples, pears, carrots, lettuce, potatoes, bananas, and one very unfortunate pineapple.

To go along with the felt fruit and vegetables I made a garden box similar to the one in the tutorial

I used for the strawberry plant: A beautiful Mess - DIY Plantable Felt Garden Box

I also made a wall tree that I will put in a separate entry! (Pictures of box and tree coming soon!)

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