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When I need clipart (usually for my little one's school projects) I always use Their clipart that is contributed by users is all for unlimited commercial use. It's so great that there is a space for people who want to completely share their art with other's.

After searching around for clipart for a presentation I was working on, I was getting very frustrated trying to find great clipart that was free and legal to use. But then I came across open and was so surprised about their open message that I identify with personally.

Click here to view their license information section.

After using other contributor's content for quite some time, I am happy to say that now I have become a contributor. While I'm in the process of learning graphic design and programming, I've recently been practicing using Inkscape.I decided it would be fun to make clipart to share with others in the process.

I'm excited about sharing my work and I hope someone somewhere finds a use for it, or can improve/edit it to make it even better:

Click here to see my page and view my contributions!

So when you need clipart, or when you don't, I encourage you to check it out:

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