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I just came across Teachers Pay Teachers. (TpT) It’s an awesome site that connects teachers. It’s an online marketplace where you can buy and sell educational (downloadable) material; there is also a lot of free content. It looks like it’s a great resource for teachers, homeschoolers, and parents who want to bring a little school home. Many of the resources are very inexpensive; there are many options, and some really high quality stuff. Since anyone can sell, some items are higher quality than others but it all depends on what you’re looking for.

Something they wrote on their site: “We work in collaboration, not in competition.”

To me that’s such an important thing to value and hold in the world. There is just too much unhealthy and pointless competition. Especially when we’re talking about education, because I feel that everyone in society should care about education children and adults. Not compete to give some children an advantage over others who might not have many resources. Politics aside, I believe that education should be high priority in any country.

They have three membership account options. The standard membership is free, it includes downloads of free content and you can buy products on the site. The next level is the seller upgrade, also free, it adds on a seller account from which you earn royalties. (This is the membership I signed up for.) Finally there is the premium seller upgrade, which is $59.95 annually. With this level there are no transaction fees and higher royalties. You can learn more about their account options and sign up here. When you sign up, it asks for payment information, I skipped that until I’m ready to actually buy something.

I personally found this site because I’ve been basically homeschooling my little one while he attends a really awesome online school. His school provides all materials he needs but I like to add onto that, because his education and growth is my top priority in life.

So they have a great deal of helpful information on TpT. In addition at least a few sellers that are teachers that I have come across have their own blog about their experiences. They share what they are doing with their classroom and students and often share their resources. Which is awesome!

Some blogs I found through TpT:

'Surfin Through Second'

'Teaching with Love and Laughter'

'Classroom Chit Chat'

Two freebies I downloaded:

‘Parts of Speech’

‘Cupcake Contraction Sort’

I liked the search options, such as grade level, subject, price, activities, and featured content. You can also link your own blog on the site, like many others have. So check it out if you’re looking for educational materials and resources!

Teachers pay Teachers

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