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I came across a fun gifting project, where you sign up and are paired with a ‘perfect stranger’ that you exchange a package with. It’s a project by oh comely magazine, appropriately called the ‘Perfect Stranger Project’. You give a short paragraph about yourself to help the other person with their package. In turn you can read theirs to try to send items they might like. Of course you can just send some surprises, things you like, or follow some of the ideas they give on the website. One idea they gave was a ‘modern day message in a bottle’ where you fill a memory stick with things you’d like to share, music, pictures, films, whatever you’d like to share with your person. I must point out that you should be careful about what you send, nothing overly personal because this is a complete stranger, the website also has made it ages 18+ only which I personally think is a good idea. Maybe there is a website out there for kids to have pen pals or a project similar to this but as a parent myself I would be cautious about something like that.

Anyway, this project was a lot of fun. For this particular project they stated that their guideline is at least 15$ worth of items, could be one item or many. I think I spent about 20$ on the items but I also included some home-made things that don’t factor into the overall price of the package. For me however the best part was the packaging. After finding some items I thought my stranger would like, I went to work on wrapping them each carefully and putting it all together.

For most of the decorative elements of my package, I used what I like to call ‘sharpie doodles.’ My next blog post will be all about them! I used brown paper as an accent to this and went with the theme of ‘special somethings’. Each item had a tag with a one word description, for example “Something Sweet.” Many people on the project's facebook and twitter posted pictures of their packages and many of them were awesome. It’s obvious that many people enjoy the packaging aspect like I have, and really it just feels nice to send someone else something to enjoy, even if they are a stranger.

This is the second time that they have done this project; they also did it last November. According to a few posts on their facebook they will be doing it again in the spring sometime so I highly recommend keeping an eye out for it.

In the future I’m going to be looking into other projects like this, from a simple Google search a couple came up but I don’t know enough about them to jump into it. It’s important to do research about a website or project before you participate so you know it's not a scam. On their facebook I’ve noticed a few people posting that they missed the deadline and are still interested in doing it, so it’s possible to find someone there to swap with. I’ll say this again though, be very careful when giving out personal information to a stranger.

If you’re interested in doing a swap with me feel free to contact me, because it’s been a ton of fun!

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