Make Your Own Harry Potter Wand

Last week when I was in the post office, I saw they had Harry Potter stamps! With great excitement I bought a special little book of them. They’re really cool, 20 stamps with various characters from the movies in a little booklet. I love Harry Potter, so the stamps triggered a Harry Potter related pinterest session. I found a couple pictures of wands that people made and decided that it was something I just had to try for myself!

As the base of your wand there are a few options out there. You can also use a tightly rolled paper technique, a very straight stick that can be sanded into shape, wooden or plastic chopsticks, you get the idea. My favorite was the wooden chopsticks as the base, as I felt it was the easiest and most sturdy of the options. If you’re making these for kids, I would totally say the rolled paper would be better, I think they would hurt less to be poked by.

For chopsticks, it’s pretty straight forward, but I would sand the chopstick a little if it isn’t rounded. Sanding it roughly can also give it a little texture, or you can sand it really smooth if that’s the look you want. You can also cut them down if you want to make your wand shorter.

Now moving on to making it awesome! Some things I thought of that you can use to embellish your wand: feathers, craft wire, flower petals, tissue paper, fur or cotton fluff, beads, bark, thin strips of orange peel, saw dust or sand, string or thread, and of course glue! Hot glue is a must, not only can you use it to attach embellishments; you can also mold it into cool gooey shapes. Pretty much all these things you can paint over, most commonly the wands are earthy colors like various shades of browns and grays. Of course you can use other colors to mix it up, and accent. Like adding a little gold or silver, there are tons of customization options in this project for sure.

To hold embellishments in place, spray adhesive and spray varnish are really helpful. You can also use Elmer’s glue or modpodge to give it a little more security before painting. Acrylic or plastic based paint is the best; I would suggest at least two layers, letting it fully dry between each layer. Once you’re done and it’s completely dry, finish it off with a layer of acrylic finish, matte or gloss. I use a spray finish that works quite well and goes on in even coats to make the finish consistent.

I really enjoy the fantasy aspect of making these wands. The world of Harry Potter is a magical one; it’s always fun to bring a little magic to making these wands too. Once you have something together, or as you’re planning, you can make up what the wand is made of. Such as mermaid hair, phoenix tail feathers, and dragon heartstring. Obviously you don’t have to come up with the magical ingredients that make up your wand; it’s completely up to you.

This is a project that you can devote a small or large amount of time to. They can be as simple or as complicated as you want them to be. If you want simple wands, a set for a party for example, you can make a bunch in a short amount of time. However, you can also spend a lot of time, making really complicated designs with a lot of elements and embellishments. Both simple wands and complicated ones are valid, and both are awesome! Either way I think its fun to play with hot glue. I hope you enjoy making your own Harry Potter wand as much as I have!

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