*Mini* Plushies

After quite a lot of fun time spent designing, creating, and crafting, I’m excited to share my new Studio Ghibli *mini* plushies! These are adorable and soft little minis of favorite Studio Ghibli characters!

Made of soft felt and stuffed with fluff, these mini plushies are easy to love. I have spent a lot of time making regular Studio Ghibli character plush creatures, so why not make my own minis? So far I have four characters, two of the Totoros, Calcifur, No Face, and Kodamas.

I started with making mini Calcifur quite a long time ago, when my son said he wanted a smaller version of my full sized Calcifur. From there I made mini Kodamas, with a variety of head shapes and faces. Next was the No Face, which was pretty straight forward as it was another small version of my full sized pattern.

The Totoros were a lot of fun. I’ve made full sized Totoros that I love, but these new minis are like three times as cute to me! I drew out a pattern first then scanned it and used the computer to make the lines smooth and symmetrical. The Totoro pattern took the longest because they’re more complicated and I had to get the proportions right. From there I can resize my pattern for the two different sizes of Totoros, the blue and the gray.

I’m going to be adding more characters as I find the time to design them. There are so many cute Studio Ghibli characters and creatures that I’d love to make! If I had to choose my favorite it would probably be Calcifur.

Want a few of your own? Well, for reaching 500 ‘likes’ on facebook, I’m having another giveaway! For this special giveaway, the prize is a Studio Ghibli goodies bundle. This bundle includes a few of these new mini plushies! A gray Totoro, Blue Totoro, Kodama, and Calcifur, plus six of my Soot Sprites!

Enter for your chance to win this special prize:

Pink Jellyfish Designs 500 ‘likes’ giveaway

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