Firefly Cosplay – Kaylee Frye Part 2 – The Parasol

On the show ‘Firefly’ my very favorite character is Kaylee Frye, played by Jewel Staite. She’s a chipper ship mechanic, totally adorable, and I really identify with her character. So I decided to cosplay her! This is part two of my progress!

(Part one can be found here.)

In the first episode of Firefly, they’re looking for passengers. The lovely Kaylee then sits outside Serenity looking delightful as ever - with a parasol! As I’m cosplaying her I’ve been paying close attention to the various outfits and props she uses in the show. The parasol is one of my favorites; it’s also very handy to keep the sun out of your eyes. Naturally it had to be part of my Kaylee wardrobe!

I purchased the parasol from the same Etsy seller as the jumpsuit, Authenticity Cosplay! Made by Eloise Green, the parasol looks quite authentic. The parasol is a great addition to any Kaylee cosplay; having props is fun. However as many cosplayers know there is always the risk of damage. You can bet that I’m going to be really careful with my parasol, it’s so awesome. She also sells the Kaylee jumpsuit that I'm wearing!

To get your very own Kaylee parasol or Kaylee jumpsuit visit Authenticity Cosplay on Etsy!

The same scene in which the parasol makes its debut, Kaylee has her hair up in two buns. I love her hair, it’s super cute! I think that long term I’m going to go with her hair down style. However I wanted to give the two buns look a try for myself. That’s part of the fun of cosplaying, doing cute things you don’t normally do like wearing wigs or super fancy over the top make-up!

There are TONS of online hair tutorials, I simply searched for “how to make two hair buns” on google and found a cute tutorial. I have pretty long hair so my buns stick out a little more, and to be honest I’ve never been stellar at fixing up my hair but I gave it a shot.

Here is the tutorial I used:

Hair Buns Tutorial

I’m still on the look-out for a better shirt, even though I kind of like the one I’ve used so far. Also, I need to find the right boots! Most likely after this, my next focus is going to be my Jayne cosplay that’s partly put together, more on that later!

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