Product Review: A Soot Sprite Mother’s Day

This past Sunday was Mother’s Day. It’s important to appreciate all the fabulous mothers out there who do so much. I felt quite appreciated, especially when my little one gave me a bracelet! Not just any bracelet, a soot sprite bracelet! I couldn't be happier with it, so for this week’s review I bring you this super adorable piece of jewelry.

This bracelet was custom made by Jessica Jackson, through her Etsy shop Jackschula. When I requested a bracelet that was based on her soot sprite earrings she got back to me very quickly and was happy to make it. She asked me questions to be really sure of what I wanted and had helpful ideas, like making the bracelet adjustable. Her communication was wonderful, and before the item was shipped she sent me a preview picture to confirm I was happy with how it turned out.

Most bracelets drive me crazy when they’re too loose and fall off, but this one fits perfectly. On the end, there is a special soot sprite holding a little heart that says “happy mother’s day” on it! My son was especially happy about that because he said now it will always remind me of him. I hope that other mothers got to enjoy this past mother’s day as much as I did!

While I got a custom item, she has items in her shop that I think are awesome, such as the soot sprite earrings the bracelet was based on. Some of the great hand-made items to choose from are Final Fantasy earrings, Harry Potter golden snitch earrings, and another favorite of mine, pickle earrings.

I highly recommend this etsy shop, if you’re looking for cute hand-made jewelry take a look:

Jackschula on Etsy

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