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For my son’s 6th birthday, we had a big Star Wars themed party. I did a LOT of decorating, probably more than what was needed, but he loved it and had a great time with all his friends. I came up with some activities for them to do throughout the party, one was making a Ewok!

I really want to share this easy Star Wars themed craft I made, that is really great for kids. Even kids that don’t like Star Wars because Ewoks are cute! For my son’s party we had one table that was the ‘Make Your Own Ewok’ station. It was just a card table, so a few kids at a time could sit down and make their own Ewok. They loved it and made a lot of really awesome unique Ewoks of their very own. My son’s had about 20 eyes all over its body!

To make the craft, first I sketched out a basic Ewok body and hood design. I actually adapted my own Ewok plush pattern that I had created previously, simplifying it and changing the size. I used a template of this design to cut out the bodies from brown construction paper, and then I used about 6 different colors to cut out the hoods. I had these big sheets of construction paper; I’d stack about 4 at a time and use an exact-o craft knife to cut. This made it a lot easier and faster to make enough for all the kids to make a few if they wanted. (It’s best to have plenty of extras, you can never be too prepared when throwing an awesome kids birthday bash.) I cut little noses from black paper, various triangles and circles for them to pick from. I also got a few bags of googly eyes, a pack of glue sticks, and a few boxes of thin markers.

When I set out the station, I made one example Ewok to show the kids, had the bodies, hoods, googly eyes, different noses, glue sticks, various colors of construction paper sheets for backgrounds, and markers. Initially I was going to use pipe cleaners to make little spears but I didn’t want it to be too complicated, and having it flat it was easier for the kids to take home with their party favor bag.

(My example Ewok got a little beaten up from all the kids playing with it, so you might want to make several examples to pass around! Still cute though!)

You can find my pattern in my craft gallery page:

Craft Gallery

Please note that this is for personal use only! Have tons of fun with it and let the kids get creative!

I didn’t want it to be too complicated for them because of the age of the kids attending my son’s party. However, for older kids or when you’re just crafting with your own children at home, you can always add extra accessories. For example, some little spears made out of pipe cleaners, forest elements to add to the background, or some little belts. There are a lot of options, which makes it a really great craft. Enjoy!

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