New Original Design Earrings

Last week I took a break from sewing and painting to work on some earrings! Original designs that have been floating around in my head for a while, I finally sat down and made them a reality. I haven’t made any in a long time so it felt really good to dive back into it.

Once I get together the materials for each design, it’s just a matter of bending them into shape until they’re just the way I want them to be. I also like to have a lot of variations in my designs, especially when it comes to charms, like making one pair with Celtic-Irish charms and another with more of an oriental style (like Chinese coins). Hearts, fans, keys, flowers, bugs, and even pirates, all kinds of fun concepts to work with! I use a lot of different materials when I make jewelry, not just charms, I love working with shells, stones, and different kinds of wire.

When I’m done with a pair of earrings, I bag it up in a perfectly sized zip lock bag and carefully put each bag in a big jar to keep them safe. I’ll sort through when I need to, it’s helpful because then they are all tucked away together in one easy to find place. Keeping them in the sealed bags and then closed jar also prevents oxidation that might occur, that’s when the metal is exposed to oxygen for a period of time long enough to discolor it. Jewelry oxidation can be reversed but I find it’s better to try to prevent it from happening in the first place. Although there is actually a style of jewelry that is oxidized intentionally! Another benefit of squirreling the earrings away is that they aren’t a distraction! It prevents the perfectionist in me to mess with each pair once it’s done. However, sometimes it’s good to go through and keep an eye out for possible improvements, but I’m usually quite satisfied with my original designs.

I will be posting individual pictures of a few more of my favorites to my gallery later this week. :)

So check back soon so you don’t miss out! I encourage you to follow Pink Jellyfish Designs updates on Facebook as well: Pink Jellyfish Designs on Facebook

One more update: Take a look at the new art galleries I added to the site! There is still a main gallery with a variety of pictures but now it’s easier if you’re looking for a specific category!

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