Cute Character Hats

My son is a HUGE fan of the movie ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ by Dreamworks. It started as a book series that was turned into a movie, now they have a show too. He’s pretty obsessed with it right now, so I decided to make him a Toothless hat. Toothless is the main dragon in the movie, a Night Fury, and is pretty cool looking.

It was harder than I thought it would be because it was the first hat that I’ve ever made. I thought I measured his head correctly but once it was all sewn together it was way too big. I ended up making it smaller with a little trimming and re-sewing. Now I think it looks pretty cool and cute at the same time, he loves wearing it and pretending to be a dragon himself.

I wanted to make another hat for practice so since he’s also added ‘Pokemon’ to his list of favorite things, what could be better than a Pikachu hat! Netflix added the first season of Pokemon that I watched obsessively as a child so it was really fun to see him sharing that same experience, so much nostalgia! While there are a lot of cute and awesome Pokemon to choose from (Psyduck being one of my top choices) we decided that Pikachu would be the most recognizable, and a good combination of adorable and powerful.

For the Pikachu hat I made changes to my original pattern to better fit his head this time and obviously changed the design to Pikachu’s cute ears and face. I would say that the hat making process was much easier this time! To make the ears sturdier than the ears of the Night fury hat, I added a layer of interfacing which helped the ears stay straight. I left out Pikachu’s mouth out of the design because my son is really into pretend, without a mouth there isn’t a set emotion displayed so he has more flexibility.

I can for sure see more hats in my crafting future, I have a lot of ideas that I’d love to explore, pretty much any character or creature can be made in hat form. Once you establish a base hat pattern you like working with, the rest is just accessories that you have to add, as well as colors and textures of materials.


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