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I have a deep love for Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki’s work. My son and I love watching all his movies, I’ve loved them as soon as I discovered them as a child. While most of them are totally awesome, my favorites are probably Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, and The Cat Returns.

In a college art class we had to give a presentation about an artist we really liked and I chose Miyazaki, he has some really wonderful watercolor paintings. Watercolor painting is one of my very favorite forms of art. His movies and work are really inspiring to me, I know a lot of other feel the same with good reason.

When looking around at stuff online, of course I found Totoro Plush stuffed animals and I really wanted one. So I decided to make some of my own. This led to me making many Studio Ghibli plush creatures, mostly from my own patterns. Some of the tutorials I found online, such as the one for Totoro from Cheek and Stitch. There are a lot of pictures you can find online to help create patterns from, of course watching the movies helps too!

The soot sprites were pretty fun to make because they are so cute, and so easy! I found one great tutorial on After using that tutorial for a while I actually found my own way to make them that I found a little quicker, I might post a tutorial for them later on. Now we have probably far too many floating around the house all over, but that’s the fun thing about creature creations, playing with them.

The ones that I’ve made so far are: Gray Totoro, Blue Totoro, White Totoro, Jiji (Kiki’s Delivery Service), No Face (Spirited Away), Kodama (Princess Mononoke), Calcifur (Howl’s Moving Castle), Ohmu (Nausicaa -just a prototype), and Soot Sprites.

I plan to make more, like a Fox Squirrel, Cat Bus, Ponyo, and currently I’m working on a HUGE Totoro for my son to snuggle.

((More pictures of my plush creations can be found in my Sewing Gallery!))

*Jiji, No Face, White Totoro, Kodamas, Mini Calcifurs, and Soot Sprites will soon be available in my etsy shop, made from my own patterns!*

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