Felt Strawberries

For a while I was obsessively making felt strawberries, mostly to go along with a Firefly Kaylee inspired project. That’s still in progress, but while in the process (just for fun) I found this post on Apartment Therapy with a huge list of links to patterns/tutorials to make all sorts of felt food. I plan to make a few of the items from that list, it’s a great resource!

Felt Food Tutorials from apartmenttherapy.com

A great idea for a gift to a child, especially younger children, is sets of felt food. Such as a breakfast set, different fruits or vegetables, a set of desserts, a pizza with various toppings, and ect. Especially if you make them in pieces so the child can pretend to cut and serve the food. I know a future project that I'm going to make is a set of felt sushi! Tutorials for which can be found on the site linked above.

*Commissions welcome!*

Another great resource for felt stuff is this blog:

Lit'l Brow Bird's Ideas

While felt is pretty easy to work with, it's still helpful to have resources!

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